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China Convoy

July 1941 - May 1942
May 1942 - Feb 1945
Feb 1945 - Jan 1951

Transport Work
Medical Services
Recon & Rehab
Wartime China
Lest we forget

The China Convoy
These pages seek to provide an outline of the history of the China Convoy from its formation in 1941 to its final disbandment in 1951.

They describe the membership of the Convoy which became the most international of the FAU’s sections, and provide a full list of all known members – although we are sure that there may be some missing, and would welcome information on those we may have overlooked.

This section then goes on to describe the Convoy’s main fields of activity in the transportation of over 80% of all medical supplies within Free China between 1941-46, the extensive medical services it provided and its wider rehabilitation and reconstruction work.

A taste of the Convoy’s experiences in wartime China is then provided, describing the circumstances in which they lived and worked in Western China in the 1940s, and an outline of the lasting impact these experiences had on Convoy members in the legacy of China.

Finally, Least We Forget provides a tribute to those members who lost their lives as a result of their service in China and describes the sufferings which others endured.

Walls of Kutsing china scenary
The Medieval Walls of Kuting and the breathtaking scenery of Western China